Waterfall Contractor – Blairstown, NJ

Waterfalls, Ponds, Water Gardens of all types and Koi fish and ponds are our specialty.  At Rockledge Nursery in Blairstown, NJ, we pride ourselves on creating, installing, maintaining and servicing our products.  Come visit us and see samples of ponds as well as other landscaping items including trees and shrubs.  Call us for more information at: 908-362-6571 today!

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Ponds and Waterfalls


At Rockledge Nursery, we create waterfalls and ponds based upon your specifications.  Come to our nursery and you will see different styles and shapes of ponds.  We also do all installation and maintenance for you, so keeping your pond or waterfall updated is easy.  Call today for more information at 908-362-6571.

Koi Ponds


Welcome to Rockledge Nursery.  We have a HUGE selection of Koi fish and ponds to choose from in our Blairstown, NJ location.  Come experience the finest Garden Center  landscape designs including trees, shrubs and koi ponds.

We can help take your current outdoor space and turn it into something magical.  We specialize in Koi Ponds and Waterless Ponds, adding value and beauty to your property.

Located in Blairstown, NJ, we are close to Route 80 and minutes from PA.  Stop by today and experience the beauty of what your yard could be with the right landscaping.  We look forward to seeing you!  Call: 908-362-6571

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